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If someone were to set about creating a real estate company founded and built on human potential, they would invent a unique business model which fosters an atmosphere of mentorship and offers a pathway to unlimited income. Then they would work to strengthen each individual from the inside out, providing the tools for them to learn and grow, not only as real estate professionals but as parents, spouses, friends, and neighbors.

This is the company EXIT Realty’s Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris, created.


People want to be part of something better. They want to feel like they’re being heard and that their individuality is honored, that they have the opportunity to contribute and to earn a living that will not only finance their lifestyle today and tomorrow but also their dreams. In short, people want to matter.

At EXIT Realty, it’s all about the company you keep. Learn about our selective, by-invitation-only growth strategy.


EXIT Realty Corp. International helps people live their why, and real estate is our how.

EXIT Realty has been disrupting the real estate industry since 1996. Founded in Toronto, Canada and rapidly expanding across North America, our growth is fueled by our exclusive, people-powered business model. The EXIT Formula changes the narrative, celebrates human potential, and fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, self-determination and prosperity.


Passive, residual income that enhances your life, your dreams, your retirement and your legacy; that’s the power of the EXIT Formula.

Introduce Bill to your broker and when he is hired as a sales person with EXIT and closes transactions, EXIT Realty’s head office will pay you the equivalent of 10% of Bill’s gross, closed commission up to $10,000 per year for as long as you’re both with EXIT. This is a process we call sponsoring. If you retire or take a break from selling real estate, your 10% sponsoring bonuses convert to 7% lifestyle or retirement residuals. If something should happen to you, your 10% sponsoring bonuses or 7% residuals convert to 5% beneficiary benefits helping to provide security for those you leave behind. There’s more to the EXIT Formula. Watch this.

What are the chances of you having $1 Million in your bank account doing what you're presently doing? All over the U.S. and Canada, real estate professionals have discovered a third income stream in addition to taking listings and making sales, called "sponsoring", that fills the gaps between closings and gives them a financial future that has never existed in real estate before. Could you do anything with that? Contact us to find out more.

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Ask me about a FREE home market evaluation!